Good Night CBD Capsules 15 mg each 60 count


This powerful combination of whole plant CBD and whole plant melatonin work together to deliver a restful night of sleep to even the most sleep weary.


CBD + Melatonin

This CBD capsule with Melatonin is the first product that has helped me with my sleep issues! I am so excited to actually get good, deep sleep!
I’ve tried Melatonin, Melatonin with CBD, 5HTP and many more sleep products – but these are different. These highly bioavailable CBD capsules include 2mg of plant-based melatonin. Two plant powerhouses in the most potent concentrations for optimal sleep. Many formulas out there include synthetic or isolate melatonin and CBD. This formula has full plant goodness and synergy from both ingredients.

It’s no secret that sleep has a big impact on the human body. We know that adequate sleep can help us feel more like ourselves, keep our mind clear and sharp and improve our overall sense of well-being. Yet, for many of us, getting a good night’s rest is a constant battle — coming in fits and spurts rather than the eight restful hours our body needs to operate at its best. That’s why we have Good Night CBD Sleep Capsules. The powerful combination of CBD and melatonin work together to deliver a restful night to even the most sleep weary. What’s different? Both the CBD and Melatonin are whole plant botanicals, giving a very synergistic effect for deep sleep. Any thing more than 2mg of Melatonin can shut off your body’s ability to produce its own Melatonin. This is our number 1 sleep product

  • CBD for supporting optimal sleep cycles
  • Melatonin, a hormone naturally produced in the body to promote a tranquil night’s sleep
  • Plant-derived melatonin from grapes and strawberries
  • No groggy, hang-over feeling the next morning
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil rich in CBD as well as the complete range of complementary components found in hemp

Sleep shouldn’t just be something you dream of. Take back the night with our Good Night CBD Capsules. This custom blend of full-spectrum CBD oil and low-dose melatonin enables you to find that sweet spot of restfulness so you can get the deep sleep your body needs to rest, recover and reboot. Melatonin helps your body recognize and react to dark and light, setting your circadian rhythms appropriately, which helps the body signal when to turn in.

60 capsules; 15mg/capsule.


15mg CBD & 2 mg Melatonin per serving (1 capsule). Other Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, Vegetarian Capsules [HPMC, Purified Water, D-Sorbitol], Silica


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