CBD Sublingual Organic Hemp Oil – Natural Flavor


300 mg bottle: Natural Flavor. Non liposomal.

This is a good “starter” bottle to see if you like CBD oil. This CBD has the same excellent genetics and purity as our liposomal, but without the liposomal delivery and cost. Each bottle contains 30 dropperfuls of oil. Each dropper = 10 mg of CBD. This is the cleanest oil we carry, with no added flavorings. So clean, in fact, that you can apply it directly to the skin or give it to your pets. We challenge you to find a better oil at this price! You won’t. Kosher, vegetable glycerin-based oil used under the tongue or “sublingually.”

Organic, full spectrum, whole plant CBD with no synthetic cannabinoids or isolated molecules or preservatives. This very clean CBD can even be applied directly on the skin or given to pets.

Reported uses: Stress, anxiety, detoxification, depression, gastrointestinal issues, and allergies. Supports overall health for the aging brain.

Ingredients: Full spectrum, organic CBD from hemp, MCT Coconut Oil (Naturally extracted from coconut oil).

Directions: 2 or more times a day, start with 1/2 dropper, placing it under the tongue and hold for 2 minutes, then swallow.



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