CBD+ Bath Soak | 8oz


8 oz

CBD+ Soak is just plain yummy! Smells heavenly, and sitting in a bath of CBD+Soak can relax muscles, reduce inflammation, minimize pain, fade bruising, aid digestion, relieve stress and tension and detoxify the body.  Epsom salts pull out toxins from radiation/chemotherapy. Excellent for joint pain, fibromyalgia; extracts lactic acid from sore muscles.


Ingredients:  Epsom salts, Organic Hemp-derived CBD, Essential Oils, Birch, White Willow, Arnica, Black Pepper, Ginger Root, Frankincense, Peppermint Essential Oil.


Directions:  Add 1-2 cups of (non-medicated) Epsom Salt and 2oz CBD+ Bath Soak into warm/hot bath water.  Relax in a warm bath for at least 30 minutes.



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