CBD Tinctures

Tincture, or CBD oil that you ingest, is the most efficient way to take your CBD. And taking it under the tongue and holding it there for 2 minutes is the BEST way to introduce CBD into the body. The CBD gets absorbed in the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) there and then is shuttled directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. Thus the body doesn’t have to digest it (swallowing), the CBD gets into the bloodstream and the body almost immediately, and the liver and kidney doesn’t have to process the CBD (leaving less to get to the bloodstream). Under the tongue means quicker onset and more concentrated CBD in the bloodstream and therefore your cells. The other advantage is that you can increase or decrease your dose easily. With the liposome Hemp CBD Extract, for example, one squirt is one mg. Most clients can take 5-10mg once or twice a day and can add 2 or 3 squirts before a stressful meeting or presentation. Why take a 20mg capsule when you only need 12mg?

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