{“Hi Ali - I need to order the largest bottle you have of the tincture for use for constipation. I have purchased this from you twice in the past. Thank you so much and I hope you are doing well.” (Rheumatoid Arthritis , Pain, Diabetes) Shary R. 67 Rheumatoid Arthritis , Pain, prediabetic.After one dose (1mg): “OMG!!I didn’t do the 5 drops, but I feel GREAT!”
67 yr old woman
{“Hi Ali, Dale M. here. I’m off crutches (unless I have far to walk) and the nighttime pain pill. If I wake up with nerve pain, I use a little of the topical sample you kindly sent me and it seems to do the trick. The tincture is doing more for pain than for sleep but I MUST quit afternoon caffeine before deciding that. Thanks for your help and your excellent product.
{Katie and her dog Petey who has PTSD from a house fire: I think we've finally found our miracle. 3 drops and he came "back to earth" and is now calm, peaceful and blissfully asleep. I was able to cook and eat dinner with my family without the usual manic interruption and focus on Pete. I thank you, Petey thanks you. This is the blessing we've been looking for. I am so grateful.
{Dear Ali Your product is a God send. The salve helps immediately. I put it on and lay on a heating pad with the setting on low. My PT told me Monday that the knot in the muscle is getting smaller and smaller. He has no clue why. A Dr. worked on it all of July thru Sept. He has worked on it since the beginning of October. In one week it has shrunk from a softball size down to a baby's fist. I daily take a (CBD) pill and use the salve. I have not tried the tincture. I will reorder the pills and the salve. I looked for the foot soak that you were giving me but it was not in the package. Should I register on line? should I deal with you directly? Thanks again and God bless you. Gratefully, Donna P
Donna P

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