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NYC (MATH+ protocol), China and many other countries and hospitals are treating Covid with Vitamin C. (See offer below)
Here are the facts and why you should be boosting your Immune System with vitamin C and other nutrients TODAY:

IV High-Dose Vitamin C Saves Critically Ill COVID-19 Patient

Vitamin C is an essential component of immune cell function, it has potent anti-inflammatory effects and at high doses even works as an antiviral
According to a recent case history, high-dose IV vitamin C was successfully used to save the life of an elderly patient with critical COVID-19 infection, sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (Read more below)(1)

Vitamin C, vitamin D and CBD have all been reported from different researchers and Critical Care physicians as excellent treatment options for Covid(2) and should be part of your Immune boosting regimen TODAY. Many healthcare practitioners recommend 1,000mg twice a day, during flu season (3) Flu season is right around the corner!

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(1) High Dose Vitamin C….
* According to the doctors who reported the case, she was the first patient to successfully discontinue mechanical ventilation early at that hospital. The median duration of mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 patients is 10 days, whereas this patient was able to get off it in five
* Previous research found IV vitamin C at a dose of 50 mg per kilo every six hours for 96 hours significantly reduced mortality and shortened ICU stays among patients with sepsis and ARDS
* Vitamin C is a foundational component of two distinct and highly effective treatment protocols developed by Dr. Paul Marik — one for sepsis and another, called MATH+, specifically for COVID-19 (Green Alley report 8/25)
(2) CBD as Treatment Option for Covid…
New Research Suggests Terpenes and CBD Work 2X’s Better For Covid-19 Inflammation Than Corticosteroid

(3) Designs for Health Immune Protocol : email me for the PDF

Now new evidence is adding support to the theory that cannabis derived CBD may help those suffering from the severe lung inflammation that occurs in more serious cases of COVID-19. The study from researchers at Augusta University in Georgia suggests that CBD may positively impact ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome – a dangerous symptom in COVID-19 caused by an overactive inflammatory response. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘cytokine storm’. The authors of the study explain that “currently, other than supportive measures, there is no definitive cure for ARDS, illustrating the urgent need for creative and effective therapeutic modalities to treat this complex condition.”

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