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"Started taking CBD on Sunday - 1 squirt CBD Hemp Oil  3x/d. Yesterday my mood was elevated and less anxiety. Today (Tues) I have no pain or cramping in my legs and can move more freely. I am frankly amazed! I haven't had freezing with PD just tremor and pain, both improved. Wow."

Parkinson's Patient

Using CBD Hemp Oil

"I tried many treatment modalities: I feel a significant improvement in symptoms.While there were other variables, this turn around seems connected to the CBD Hemp Oil. I'd like to order another bottle from you."

50 year old Concussion Patient​

Using CBD Hemp Oil

"After the first bottle of CBD, I have continuously maintained my A1C level of 7.3-7.7.  .3 away from being back to normal is awesome and I have the CBD to thank for that and you as well.  Coupled with diet and exercise, I’m very hopeful to rid of my medications and insulin.  Thanks again and take care"

Diabetic Patient

Using CBD Hemp Oil 

No meds, took 2 pumps Elixinol CBD:”Yeah he said he really likes it! The other one you gave him he said works really well and makes him happy. “ and “Yes- he called me earlier today to tell me the cbd helps his anxiety, helps him focus and makes him feel happier! Huge.”

18 yr old boy

Panic attacks, history of anxiety

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